1000 core chip - speed up modern PC up to 20 times

Scottish scientists have sucessfully built a 1,000-core processor, said that it will run 20 times faster than today’s chips while using less power.

A research team at University of Glasgow lead by Dr. Wim Vanderbauwhede created the futuristic processor using a programmable chip called a field programmable gate array (FPGA).

Instead of the built-in circuitry of conventional desktop computer chips, these processors can be customized. So with some extremely clever programming, the research team was able to divide the processor into 1,000 cores, each capable of its own computation. According to the Daily Mail, the 1,000-core processor processes 5 gigabytes data per second, and that’s “20 times faster than modern computers.” Each one of the cores has its own dedicated memory to speeding it up even more. Remarkably, they were able to leverage all this extra speed and power without using more energy.

Will this processors be popular in anytime soon ? the team leader Vanderbauwhede said , “I believe these kinds of processors will only become more common and help to speed up computers even further over the next few years.”
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  3. Todays Date lots of Processor developed by Intel. Intel I3,Intel I5 and Intel I7 are the most speddy processor.

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