YouTube Launches Charts to Rank Top Web Videos

YouTube has just announced it will be featuring its top videos in a new section called YouTube Charts.

This page will keep you updated on which videos are trending right now, which are all-time classics, how various vids stack up against one another and more. Think of it as the Billboard Hot 100 for the world of web video.

We’re guessing this will pretty much settle the Gaga v. Bieber YouTube debate once and for all as well as surface interesting and timely content from around the ‘Tube.

YouTube Charts filter top videos by several criteria. You can grab a list of videos that got the most views, the most likes or the most subscribers over the past day, the past week, the past month or all time. You’ll be able to see the top 100 videos from each list; that means the YouTube Charts will feature 900 videos and channels (likely with some redundancies) every day.

The “most subscribed” option also gives us some insight into what individuals or production channels are gaining popularity at any given moment.
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